This set of lessons is designed for students aged 10-13 who would like to explore careers. Content includes what the job is, how to prepare for it, what the work environment is like, what the job availability might be in the future and how to find out more. Each lesson has activities to make the lesson engaging.

Teachers are encouraged to supplement the information in this lesson with their own, making sure the lessons are culturally relevant and accurate.








Download a zipped file of all eighteen lessons.


Lesson 1: Introduction

Lesson 2: Careers in Building

Lesson 3: Careers in Civil Service

Lesson 4: Careers in Computers

Lesson 5: Careers in Education

Lesson 6: Careers in Engineering

Lesson 7: Careers in Food

Lesson 8: Careers in Health Care

Lesson 9: Careers in Law (This lesson is incomplete, but coming soon!)

Lesson 10: Careers in Math

Lesson 11: Careers in Media

Lesson 12: Careers in Money

Lesson 13: Careers in Music and Art

Lesson 14: Careers in Nature

Lesson 15: Careers in Science

Lesson 16: Careers in Social Studies

Lesson 17: Careers in Sports

Lesson 18: Careers in Transportation