In this set of seven lessons, young children will learn about HIV and AIDS, what it means to have AIDS, how they can support friends and family members with AIDS, and the importance of good nutrition and medicine in the treatment of AIDS.

The target age for these lessons is younger than 8. This set of lessons does not include the sexual transmission of the disease. They are about how to support loved ones with AIDS.

Teachers are encouraged to supplement the information in this lesson with their own, ensuring the lessons are culturally relevant and accurate.

Download a zipped file of all eight lessons.


Lesson 1: What's the difference between HIV and AIDS?

Lesson 2: What are some of the ways you can get HIV/AIDS?

Lesson 3: How do you treat it?

Lesson 4: How can you support people who have AIDS?

Lesson 5: What are the symptoms of AIDS?

Lesson 6: Living as a child with AIDS.

Lesson 7: Review