Math Basics


In this set of five lessons, students learn about and practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and order of operations. Each lesson has randomly generated problems for endless practice.

Teachers are encouraged to supplement the information in this lesson with their own, making sure the lessons are culturally relevant and accurate.

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Lesson 1: Addition - Teaches single-digit addition and includes randomly generated single-digit addition practice.

Lesson 2: Subtraction - Teaches single-digit subtraction (with non-negative numbers). Includes description as well as randomly generated subtraction problems for practice.

Lesson 3: Multiplication - Teaches the concept of multiplication. Includes the concept of an "array" to help with multiplication, a multiplication table that includes up to 10x10, and randomly generated practice including numbers as high as 5x12.

Lesson 4: Division - Teaches division without remainders. Includes randomly generated practice problems with numbers up to 100 and also includes a game to practice speed.

Lesson 5: Order of Operations - Teaches order of operations and provides randomly generated practice problems.