Music Theory

This set of nine lessons helps students understand music notation. Note identification, music symbols, time signatures, and bass and treble cleff are all covered. See below for a complete list of topics.

Teachers are encouraged to supplement the information in this lesson with their own, making sure the lessons are culturally relevant and accurate.

Download a zipped file of all nine lessons.

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Lesson 1: Introduction - Students are introduced to the concept of writing music down.

Lesson 2: Treble and Bass Clef - Students are introduced to the Treble and Bass Clefs, and the high and low pitches normally associated with each.

Lesson 3: Note Names - Students are introduced to the first octave note names, and are given tips to remembering the names of the space and line notes.

Lesson 4: Counts - Students learn the basics about whole, half, quarter, and eighth notes, and begin to learn how many of one type of note fits into a measure.

Lesson 5: Rests and Repeats - Students learn the symbols for different lengths of rest and learn what a repeat symbol does.

Lesson 6: Flats and Sharps - Students explore these symbols and how the note sounds change with each one.

Lesson 7: Symbols - Students explore different musical symbols including measures, time signatures, crescendo, decrescendo, piano, forte, ties, slurs, and stacatto.

Lesson 8: Practice - Students review old lessons, then put it all together by learning to play a song.

Lesson 9: Review - Students are given a quick review of all the lessons, along with some additional quiz-style practice.