Puberty for Girls

Written in 2016, this set of eight lessons is for girls, aged 10-15. It covers the basics of puberty and health, including anatomy, basic reproduction, the menstrual cycle, hygiene, wellness, and more.

Teachers are encouraged to supplement the information in these lessons with their own, ensuring the lessons are culturally relevant and accurate.

Note! These are our first lessons written in Scratch. You can find them online, or, download Scratch to view them offline.

Download a zipped file of all eight lessons. Versions are available for Scratch 1.4 and Scratch 2.0.

Or, view them online:

Contents (After the introductory lesson, these can be viewed in any order):

Puberty: Introduction


Basic Reproduction

Body Image

Changes in your Body

Menstrual Cycle

Personal Hygiene


When to Seek Help (Coming soon)