In this set of ten lessons, students are introduced to many aspects of sanitation, including hand washing, food, health, and waste management.

Teachers are encouraged to supplement the information in this lesson with their own, making sure the lessons are culturally relevant and accurate.

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Lesson 1: What is sanitation and why is it important?

Lesson 2: Who, what, where, when, and why to wash your hands.

Lesson 3: What can happen with poor sanitation?

Lesson 4: How to rehydrate yourself after you have diarrhea.

Lesson 5: All about food - how to tell if it's spoiled, improperly cooked, or good to eat.

Lesson 6: How to properly dispose of waste.

Lesson 7: How to sanitize during times of diaster - Part 1: Flooding

Lesson 8: How to sanitize during times of diaster - Part 2: Drought

Lesson 9: What is air pollution?

Lesson 10: Review