Etoys Screencasts

With great appreciation to Tim Falconer, Founder of Waveplace Foundation, CSG students re-created Tim's ten Etoys screencasts. Some of our partners did not have reliable Internet connection and either couldn't watch or couldn't stream Tim's videos. So we shortened them, making them easier to fit onto a flash drive. Now users can easily download them to watch without a connection.

The originals can be found at:

Download a zipped file of all five screencasts (Total download size 155 MB)

You can also view the screencasts individually from YouTube by clicking on each title below.

If you don't have a reliable Internet connection, please email me and I will send you a flash drive with the five screencasts included. (See the Contact page.)


Screencast 1: Basics, navigation, supply box, object catalog, sketches(14:52 minutes)

Screencast 2: Layers, extra drawing tools, halos, naming sketches. (12:50 minutes)

Screencast 3: Saving, viewer, scripts. (12:50 minutes)

Screencast 4: Joysticks, sliders. (6 minutes)

Screencast 5: Tests, reset buttons, start all scripts. (9:30 minutes)

Screencast 6: Animations, Etoys Help (6:30 minutes)