Teaching Aids

These resources were developed after CSG students wanted demonstrations for students learning Etoys. Each one is described below. The titles include the theme of the lesson, but also include the primary Etoys concept included. For example, "Apple Falling - Layers" uses the example of an apple falling out of a tree to illustrate the importance of drawing in layers.

Download a zipped file of all six teaching aids.


Apple Falling - Layers- helps illustrate the importance of drawing in layers. The demonstration shows what can happen if you don't draw in layers.

Coordinate Grid - Variables- helps illustrate how the Etoys screen represents a coordinate grid. Helps them to identify where objects are on the screen as well as points out how the X and Y coordinates change as an object is moved.

Crazy Clock - Animations- helps illustrate how important it is to keep animation illustrations in the correct order. The clock's hands move randomly around the clock in the first animation, but move sequentially in the second animation.

Crazy Dog - Scripts- helps illustrate how to change the forward direction of an object. The dog tries to get to the food, but "forward" points toward the top of the screen so the dog floats up.

Dog and Balls - Tests- helps show students that there are many different tests to use for different circumstances. Each page uses different tests to help the dog get the ball.

Flower Pot - Viewers- demonstratest how you can use a viewer to manipulate an object. Usually used before scripts are introduced.