What's here?

You'll find two different types of resources at this site:

  1. "Lessons" were designed to teach subject matter content to young students. Most were designed for the 8-12 year old age group, but some are more suitable for younger audiences. Some minor Etoys knowledge is assumed in the lessons, but extensive experience with Etoys is not necessary. Lessons are all in sets. Some topics have as many as ten or more lessons within the set. Some topics have as few as five. Each lesson within a larger topic is suitable for a 40 minute class period. Teacher notes about the lesson set, as well as a brief video introduction are included in most lessons.

  2. "Etoys Teaching Resources" are resources that are intended to help teach Etoys itself. CSG students have been teaching Etoys to younger students since 2009 and over the years have developed a variety of supplemental materials to help with the teaching and learning of Etoys.